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  • Easy to Apply

    Apply in less than 5 minutes

  • Instant Decision

    Receive an instant lending decision. You may need to send in additional documentation like proof of income.

  • Request

    Once approved, request how much you would like to borrow.

  • Payments

    Repay gradually over time or pay in full. Every billing cycle, you will have a minimum payment. You can pay more with no penalty in order to repay more quickly.

  • Approval Increase

    As you make payments on time, our system will increase your approval amount.

  • Funds

    Anytime you need funds, you can draw up to your available credit without reapplying.

Installment Loans in Utah up to $1,200

We make it easy for you. Fill out the short application and get an instant decision with same day funding to your debit card. Any questions, call us at 435-787-8208

With an installment loan, you apply once and can draw up to your available credit limit, repaying principal and interest so you can get your loan paid off.